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What’s your definition of a perfect free movie site? Are you looking for one that is safe, ad-free, have every title you can think of, and provide top-notch features for an enhanced watching experience? If yes, check out 1Flix and be in for a treat! 

Watch Movies and TV Shows Online Free on 1Flix
No matter how much money we are willing to pay for movie streaming, a free site is always tempting. It is simply because free entertainment is the best type. Not to mention that some of us might not watch movies and TV shows too frequently to purchase a monthly, or yearly, subscription plan. Therefore, free movie streaming seems to be the best solution for anyone who is in the mood for movies and TV shows. However, free sites are often not safe. And if a site is unsafe, it might end up costing you more than a membership at paid streaming services. Fortunately, 1Flix is not only free but also completely safe. 

What is 1Flix?
1Flix is one of the most visited sites for free movie streaming. Unlike other free movie sites, 1Flix does not only provide top-notch content and features but also complete safety. This free site allows users to watch and download tens of thousands of movies and TV shows in HD quality with no ads. 1Flix owns one of the biggest content libraries and premium features that normally cost you ten bucks a month elsewhere. You can find here almost every title of interest, be it the latest release, a classic, a worldwide famous blockbuster or an underrated indie. Apart from the impressive collection of movies and TV shows, what helps 1Flix stand out from the crowd as one of the best free movie sites is its features. 1Flix is the site you should head to for an enhanced watching experience. We provide free users HD quality (720p), fast loading speed, great device compatibility, excellent customer service, and many more. At 1Flix, your safety and satisfaction matter the most. Therefore, we have gone ad-free for good. Expect a completely untroubled watching experience on the site! 

Is 1Flix or 123Movies Better for Streaming Movies and Shows?
When the topic of free movie sites arises, 123Movies and 1Flix are among the first names that are recommended. Popularity-wise, 123Movies is obviously the winner. The site set a record that other sites can hardly beat with 98 million users a month at peak. Unfortunately, 123Movies was shut down in 2018 and since then, fake sites are mushrooming everywhere. As we have not heard any official news from the original team, it is only wise to stay away from any ad-supported sites that have 123Movies in their domain names. Those sites might install viruses and malware into your device. As 1Flix can offer the same quality content and features, not to mention that it is completely safe with no ads, it is the best alternative to 123Movies. 

Is It legal to Use 1Flix?
Although 1Flix is considered a piracy site, you will not get into any trouble when streaming movies and TV shows online on the site. According to copyright attorneys, only illegal downloading and file sharing might cause criminal or civil charges. Therefore, if you only watch movies online for free, it should not be a big deal. However, if you need to download videos to watch offline later, you should take precautionary measures and proceed at your own risk. The best way to avoid legal issues is to stay anonymous with a reliable VPN. 

Is 1Flix Safe?
If you never care about a site’s security, it is time to be more careful. Free sites are not always safe, especially when it comes to piracy sites. As they are not legal, you are there alone to protect yourself. You might find a great movie site that is safe or you might end up harming your device and identity. As most free movie sites are filled with ads, you might think it is either take it or leave it. But why take the risk when 1Flix is completely ad-free? Ads, pop-ups, and commercials are nonexistent on the site, meaning that you are safe from viruses and malware. 1Flix does not require any registration or signup; therefore, you can rest assured your private information such as email address, credit card details are not prone to be leaked. 

Will I Get 1Flix Virus If I Use The Website?
No, 1Flix is absolutely virus-free. As the site does not have any ads, pop-ups, or commercials, hackers have no chance to install viruses and malware into your device. 

How To Download From 1Flix?
Before downloading a video from 1Flix, you should be aware of possible legal issues stated above. If for some reason you need to download the content, don’t forget to turn on a VPN. Downloading a video on 1Flix is as easy as streaming it online. All you need to do is to search for the title of interest, go to its sub-page, look for the Download button on the player and click on it. 

What Happened To 1Flix?
Under extreme pressure from the movie industry, 1Flix was shut down. It would not be a shock if you have been familiar with free movie streaming. Free sites come and go, but sites that get massive support from the community always find a way to come back. And we are officially back now. If one day you cannot access 1Flix anymore, please be patient and wait for our reunion. 

Why Is 1Flix Not Working?
To check if 1Flix is working in your region, use this link https://updownradar.com. Or you can also check for the latest updates on our SNS accounts on Discord, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Why Should You Watch TV Shows and Series Online for Free on 1Flix?
Because everyone deserves to watch their favorite movies and TV shows freely, safely, and smoothly. Why put your device at risk when you can enjoy an ad-free experience on 1Flix? Here is the detailed list of features that will prove why 1Flix is the best and safest site for free movie streaming: 
- An extensive content library: 1Flix has one of the best content libraries with tens of thousands of movies and TV shows from all genres and subgenres.  No matter what you are looking to watch, you are highly likely to find it here. All titles come with multiple subtitles for your convenience.  
- HD Resolution: All titles come in the best resolution possible. 1Flix is one of a few sites that allow free users to enjoy HD quality without paying a dime. Videos will automatically play in 720p. However, if you need to go lower for a smoother watching experience, you can easily adjust the video quality. 
- Seamless streaming experience: The last thing we want while streaming movies and TV shows is lagging and buffering. In fact, they can kill our mood and in some extreme cases, we might lose interest in streaming. Fortunately, thanks to the fast loading speed and seamless streaming feature, your streaming on 1Flix will be absolutely smooth.  
- Daily database updates: Despite an extensive content library, 1Flix adds news titles to its database on a daily basis. You should visit the site frequently to check out the latest releases, requested titles, as well as random interesting movies and TV shows. 
- Friendly user interface: 1Flix is extremely easy to navigate and browse through thanks to its optimized UI and UX. You can easily figure out how to use the site within seconds. If you already know what to watch, head to the search bar. If not, visit the full site or use the filter system to find something interesting to enjoy.
- Mobile-friendly and Chromecast supported: With great device compatibility, 1Flix allows you to continue your streaming online no matter where you go, when you are free, and on what device you have, as long as you have access to the Internet. 
- Zero ads: Ads are not only unsafe but also annoying. As 1Flix is ad-free, you can enjoy a safe and seamless watching experience without any risks or hassle.  
- No account or registration needed: To watch free movies and TV shows online on 1Flix, all you need to do is to visit the site, search for a title to watch, and watch it safely. You are not obliged to provide any private information for signup. 
- Best customer service: The 1Flix team is on active mode 24/7; therefore, should you have any trouble with the site, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance. The trouble can be a bug, a broken link, unavailable titles, or any inquiries you have during use. 

1Flix is a Free Movies streaming site with zero ads. We let you watch movies online without having to register or paying, with over 10000 movies and TV-Series. You can also Download full movies from 1Flix and watch it later if you want.